Until the Colors Fade

Close your eyes 
Let the world escape on its own time 
On its own time 
As solitude awakens 
Your soul is out there flying 
As you fall back on the sheets 
Waiting for the light to break 

Don’t think too much 
About the world around you 
Where all the people are confused 
You know you thought it’d be different 
Maybe it’d be different this time 

Eyes set on the promised land 
But the echo never ends 
Twist and move like a serpent in the night 
That will never let go 

Face the facts 
Instruments of desperation 
Stain your wall 
They just want to be noticed 
When love is lost 
There’s a feeling in the air 
You feel it in your head 
As forgiveness starts to fade 
Into thin air 

Promises were made again 
That the fight would end 
You hope that when tomorrow comes 
You see the other side 

Darkness brings you light 
You always saw it coming 
Like an old friend return again 
Paying you a visit 
To keep your body warm as the light fades 

Just feel the blood pushing through your veins 
It’s the only thing that's real 
Untie your mind from the machine 
Until the colors fade 

Until the colors fade 
Until the colors fade 
Until the colors fade 
Until the colors fade