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Benton Crane

Benton Crane's Psychedelic-Rock Style Fuels a New Age Revolution as He‬ ‭Exposes His Artistic Identity in 2024.‬ ‭

Benton Crane blends abstract concepts with imaginative storytelling inspired by the world around him. These ideas come crawling out of each song, escaping the void so their story may be heard, seen, and felt. The dichotomy between reality and fantasy acts as an inspirational wellspring for his psychedelic art rock creations.

An advocate for mental health, Benton understands the importance of tuning in and out. Sometimes the heaviness of life requires us to escape from the chaos. Benton aims to provide refuge in his songs. Even if for only a few minutes, Benton hopes his songs can bring relief to anyone struggling.


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His well-known mission to serve as a beacon in the midst of despair for those who listen to him is once again present in this wonderful composition. Starting from the 2:00 mark, he gifts us one of the best-executed musical transitions in the contemporary indie rock scene.”

Bad Wolf Records

Musically, it doesn’t feel a million miles away from what Nick Cave was doing in the ‘Let Love In’ era, but Benton’s vocals add a new dimension. He creates a sound that blends elements reminiscent of Arcade Fire, Passion Pit, and My Morning Jacket, with subtle shades of Grateful Dead and Band of Horses. ” - Matt Warren

The Indie Grid

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Ever found yourself lost in a dream that feels as tangible as reality, only for it all to fade away in an instant? Benton Crane is a master at weaving such ephemeral thoughts into the fabric of his imaginative, synthy psychedelic rock creations. Drawing inspiration from the dance between the palpable and the fantastical, his music serves as a conduit for stories that emerge from the depths of his mind.

A fervent advocate for mental health, Benton Crane recognizes the significance of both turning inward to heal as well as expanding the mind outward to grow. He believes in the power of granting oneself an escape from our worldly chaos. One critic wrote in regards to Benton’s single Outlier (Among the Stars) (2022), “Laced with wistful vulnerability, Crane delicately captures all your anxiety, tension and inner turmoil then releases it in a scattering sense of sonic relief.” Through his music, Benton endeavors to offer that sanctuary, even if just for a fleeting moment. His hope is to bring solace to those navigating their own struggles. 

For nearly half a decade, Benton was a linchpin in diverse experimental jam-rock groups. His role as a keyboardist, vocalist, and primary songwriter shaped the sounds of bands Ice Station Zebra and Manic Vision. His creative footprint in his time with both bands includes two studio albums (Midnight - 2018 and No Change - 2021), one live album (Live at Ryktor - 2020), a pair of EPs (675 - 2019 and Ice Station Zebra - 2022), and several official video releases. Beyond performing, Benton took on a production role for one of the EPs, showcasing his multifaceted talents.

During this time, his journey took him across the southeastern United States, gracing numerous stages and venues. Notable highlights include supporting globally renowned acts like Steel Pulse and the nationally acclaimed Trigger Hippy. From intimate gatherings to commanding crowds of up to 500 people, Benton's stage presence has become a familiar force in the musical realm.

The global upheaval during the COVID-19 pandemic spurred Benton to embark on an introspective journey, exploring more in depth his talent as a music producer as well as what he has to offer as an independent solo artist. The result was his inaugural solo album, Welcome to Paradise (2021). This conceptual masterpiece captures Benton's raw emotions and frustrations about the pressing climate crisis, creating a meticulously crafted narrative that resonated with his listeners.

Since the unveiling of Welcome to Paradise, Benton has built a small cult following by gradually unveiling five singles, including the melancholic favorite, Nuclear Night (2022), the evocative Daylight on the Run(2022) and the masterfully poetic Until the Colors Fade (2023). Critics have described Benton’s music as “a sound that fuses synth tones into a blend of rock and psychedelic aesthetics, he crafts delicate backdrops for his thoughtful and reflective lyrical songwriting”.

Coming up in 2024, the Colorado based artist plans to release eight singles, offering a deeper and more refined musical experience to his fans. Benton described this experience by stating in an interview, “It’s sort of like, I didn’t worry too much about tidying up before guests arrive so what you hear feels very genuine and unapologetically authentic”. His first single of 2024, Invisible Child, released January 23rd to critical acclaim such as inclusion on Westword Magazine's list of “The Best New Music by Colorado Musicians Released in January”. The upcoming year promises 12 releases- encompassing a sonic evolution, echoing the spirit of revered bands like Arcade Fire, The Flaming Lips, Beach House, and MGMT. With each note, Benton Crane is carving his unique path in the musical landscape—a journey just unfolding, so don’t miss out.