Benton Crane

Create art, not content

Have you ever had a dream about something that can seemingly only exist in the mind? A fleeting thought that disappears as quickly as it arrives? Benton Crane blends such abstract concepts with imaginative storytelling inspired by the world around him. The dichotomy between reality and fantasy acts as an inspirational wellspring for his synthy psychedelic rock creations. These ideas come crawling out of each song, escaping the void so that their story may be heard, seen, and felt.

An advocate for mental health, Benton understands the importance of tuning in and tuning out. Sometimes the heaviness of life requires that we allow ourselves to escape from the chaos. Benton aims to provide such refuge in his songs. Even if for only a few minutes, Benton hopes that his songs can bring relief to anyone that may be struggling.

When the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a halt, Benton decided to produce his first official solo album. 'Welcome to Paradise' is a concept album that captures Benton’s raw emotion and frustration towards the ongoing climate crisis. The result is a carefully crafted album that tells a powerful story. 

In the time since the release of "Welcome to Paradise", Benton has embarked on a journey of musical discovery, finding and refining his voice as an Artist. As a result he has produced several more songs that will begin release in January of 2024. These songs follow in the sonic footsteps of bands like Arcade Fire, The Flaming Lips, and MGMT. Benton Crane is just getting started... tune in/out so you don't miss a beat.


Fan Review

"Paradise II"

"I absolutely love all of the different elements in the song. This is truly an aesthetic all its own. I can picture this song being in movies and/or Broadway shows. The beginning was everything and more. I really like the slow build up and the intensity is on point."