These Chains

Along the lost horizon 

There's a distant shot at freedom 

Breaking down the borders 

That keep my heart in line 


Pushing on the mountains 

Leaves swell until they're tangled 

Busting through the boundaries 

Implanted years ago 


Chained and stuck in motion 

Our intentions are revealed 

I realize that hope 

Won't keep my hands clean 


These chains may be forgotten 

But they cannot be forsaken 

Until the day comes 

When their rattle turns to dust 


Now the dust turns to quicksand 

And we cannot escape 

Destined to return to 

The desert of our defeat 


Moments turn to minutes 

And minutes turn to memories 

Not a day goes by 

That won't leave us behind 


We have to make a decision 

Do we stay or do we fight 

Remain with the ordinary 

Or try to leave it behind 


Leave it behind 

Leave it behind 

Leave it behind


Lyrics and Music by Benton Crane, 2021.