Oasis 29

Failed forces arise from the dust 

Of disappointed youth 

They call to arms the unknown 


They come and go taking life 

To fuel their neon fire 

That runs around your head 


Oceans rise and fall 

Like a misdirected moon 

That sinks too soon 


Soon your eyes will shine 

With the light of a thousand suns 

It'll shine on and on 


The ice runs hot in your blood 

Like a devil in disguise 

Or a moth to a flame 

Things will never change 


He only wants to be reborn 

But sometimes fate won't take the chance 

On intention misunderstood 


Failure comes and goes 

But this one's here to stay 

Do you care anyway 


We had hope but now it's lost 

In vanity's lust for gold 

And now I hope for something more 


With meaning tossed to the side 

Like we never learned to care 

For each other 


A million years until the sun 

Blows us all away 

Now look at what you've done


Lyrics and Music by Benton Crane, 2021.